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Internet Protocol Bulletin Board System is a PHP script to be run on a web server just like any other website package giving your personal computer, laptop, tablet, notepad and yes even smart phones a site to log into.. Experienced webmasters will have very little in the way of learning curve since this is all business as usual kind of stuff. Brand new folks to sysoping with skill levels from all walks of life will have to take their time and learn as they go. Just like the good old days. Same game, different venue.

A comprehensive sysop help documentation set is provided to help walk you through each step of the install process. Including a section on building a server that will make you a sysop god. Well that is the plan anyway. :) The package is still in alpha which means some features are not complete (or even started) and documentation is a work in progress.

You can log into our operating BBS called Old School (what else eh) and review the latest snap shot in development as well as visit the IPBBS file area and download a recent aplha package plus additional packages.
To access the BBS use "fishheadguest" as a login name and "guestpassword" as a password. Point your browser here.

Join our development announcement email list to keep up to date on what is going on.

You will be asked to check this email address and confirm your wishes.
Periodic announcements will be made on future and current releases and updates.

  1. A basic server with, An Apache2 web server. MySql database. PHP 7+. (linux os Ubuntu highly suggested)
  2. Optional, Webmin installed. phpMyAdmin installed. OpenSSH installed. ProFTPD Server installed.
  3. Also supported but with limits, Windows os, Lubuntu os, other linux os, shared hosting servers.
  4. Have run on a laptop with a Pentium M processor and 512mb RAM. We suggest much faster CPU and at least 2GB RAM for multiple user logins.
  1. Login authentication via htaccess Apache2 module.
  2. Definable file area downloads from multiple sysop configured sources.
  3. Sysop configured message bases.
  4. Online door system that goes beyond the old doors system.
  5. Automessage system.
  6. Bulletin system with permanent and dynamic bulletins.
  7. Internal private mail options and sysop feedback.
  8. Template system so sysop's can design their own look and release their own themes.
  9. Default template compatible with all internet connected devices including smart phones.
  10. Other BBS list and a planned internet inter-bbs style ring system to help support one another and drive traffic.